Tibet Short Tour

This is a journey for non-trekkers which begins in the Kathmandu valley with sightseeing in Hindu and Buddhist monuments, temples, arts which show 6th century history of Malla era culture and traditions. We fly to Lhasa. Visit to understand Buddhist culture and history of religious Kings like Srongtsen Gompo, who over power over various tribes and conquered many neighboring lands. After he invited Buddhism to Tibet.

Tibet is the place where Guru Rinboche, Lotus born, Padma Sambhava, Milarepa, Tsong Khapa, Atisha Dipankara Mahayan Bajrayana Acharya Scholars contributed to influence the local natives. Re-incarnated Tulku, Rinboches as Gurus and Siddhas / hermits who have different roles to bring up Buddhist philosophy, known as Northern Himalayan Buddhism.

We visit the market of Barkhor which is the local market, still feel the earlier touch and very special monastery, Jhokang. A lot of people with extreme devotion by doing kora (circle around by walking, chanting mantras), by prostrating whole body on one sport or around is the special spiritual experience. Explore the popular Potala Palace, Norbulinka and Drepung monastery. Different school of Buddhism Ningmapa, Kagyupa, Gelugpa etc.

A day tour to Sera monastery is 40 km further from Lhasa, Buddhist college where you might see monks practicing philosophical debate. It is shelter for 3000 monks and a lot of history behind. Ganden (Tusita, heaven) monastery. Preserved body of Tsongkhapa (founder of Gelug school) master 13th century is preserved herein.

Optional tour to Sakya pa, Kadam pa monastery and Dzong (fort), Gyantse and Shigatse. Visit the Tsuk Lakhang Monastery, Kumbum, Tashi Lungpo, views of beautiful Turquoise color Langtso lake, Yamdrok Lake. Experience the Yak ride, pat the Great Tibetan Mastiff.

Optional tour to Tsedang to Samye, the first monastery of Tibet which is 3 floors with Gandakuti (Lakhang) as a main statue inside in Tibetan, Chinese and Indian tradition. hike at Mt. Everest Base Camp and experience the coldest temperature and basic need experience in extreme climate.

After drive back to Lhasa to fly out back to Kathmandu. spend an overnight stay at Bhaktapur. It has lots of temples, monuments, open courtyards, narrow alleys as a treat. Frequent Newari community holy parade takes place early in the morning with local musical instruments like Dhime (drum), wooden flute; bells etc. circle around the temples. Early morning interesting local activities can be seen near Taumadhi Square, en-route to Pottery Square. Devotees are all around with flowers or offerings. Every morning, bell rings since 18th century as a homage to Goddess Taleju. Explore around. Next day we drive back to Kathmandu.

The Asian major rivers, originating from Kailash: the Brahmaputra (Indus, the Yarlung Tsangpo) and the Karnali can be seen with various landscapes, beautiful, tranquil and turquoise colored lakes aside huge vast open land with hundreds of herds of wildlife. Wild flowers can be found and provide unique sights during the visits. Beautiful monasteries with monks practicing Buddhism and friendly local people add to the experience.

Mt. Kailash is also regarded as the residence of Demchog, the fierce-looking deity worshipped in the Chakrasamvara tantric cycle of Tibetan Buddhism, and his consort, Dorje Phagmo. The mountain also has a special association with the poet-saint Milarepa, who spent several years here meditating in a cave.






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