Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash (6714 m) is a holy and sacred peak amongst different religions (Bon, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism). With the recent road development taking place, visits can be done in 10 days while including a trip to Manasarovar lake (4590m) (Mapham Tsho, the “Victorious Lake” in Tibetan), Raksas Tal (Langak Tsho, the “Demon Lake”) and further optional visits to the west- Tirthapuri, Guge Kingdom. The sources for four of South Asia’s greatest rivers are nearby and at the base of the mountain, there are two vast lakes.

By flight, Kathmandu – Lhasa or Chinese cities like Chengdu connect to Lhasa or another option by train is also available. Then a Lhasa overland drive via Everest base camp tour can be interesting to cover most of the southern parts of Tibet in 17-19 days. Comfortable tour buses can be arranged for yourself or your group as the road is far better than what it had been before. Additionally, an optional way to approach this sacred mountain by overland depends on the road condition and authority. Generally, it can be reached via 3 different ends of the Nepal border which is Hilsa (far west), Rasuwagadi (middle) and Zangmu (East). Due to the hilly land terrain and Chinese policy, it is always worth being flexible for check in and out of Tibet.

Everest Base camp and overland drive to the base of the Mount Kailash can be optional tour adding on making tour most out of it. A visit to Lake Mansarover through an interesting highland trek for 3 days around the Mount Meru (Kailash) is an exceptional. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

The Asian major rivers, originating from Kailash: the Brahmaputra (Indus, the Yarlung Tsangpo) and the Karnali can be seen with various landscapes, beautiful, tranquil and turquoise colored lakes aside huge vast open land with hundreds of herds of wildlife. Wild flowers can be found and provide unique sights during the visits. Beautiful monasteries with monks practicing Buddhism and friendly local people add to the experience.

Mt. Kailash is also regarded as the residence of Demchog, the fierce-looking deity worshipped in the Chakrasamvara tantric cycle of Tibetan Buddhism, and his consort, Dorje Phagmo. The mountain also has a special association with the poet-saint Milarepa, who spent several years here meditating in a cave.


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